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We make buildings with character. With timeless beauty and quality. We build with care for people, nature and materials. We make enjoyable buildings that last.

Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architects was founded in 2001 by Mechthild Stuhlmacher and Rien Korteknie. The Rotterdam-based agency has realized a range of projects that, despite their initially limited scale, gained much appreciation and attention in the domestic and foreign press and have been awarded multiple architectural prizes.

All projects combine an integrated sustainable approach with a timeless sense for space, and deep concern about the cultural and physical environment.

In the last years the practice has become an international team of architects focusing on building and research tasks of varying scale and complexity. In the work buildings for education, care, culture and well-being play a central role, as well as (social)housing and private dwellings. Recent project include ambitious restoration, renovation and transformation projects that increasingly deal with building in a complex urban and historical context.

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Rien Korteknie

Rien Korteknie was born in the Netherlands, studied Fine Art in Tilburg and Arnhem, architecture at TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and graduated in 1992. He then worked for several internationally operating agencies in the Netherlands. He is involved in various research, construction and exhibition projects such as Wimby! (Welcome into my backyard- Hoogvliet International Building Exhibition) and the 'SchoolParasites' project. He is a founding partner of Foundation Mevrouw Meijer, a research and consulting organization on educational buildings and was till 2015 involved in numerous activities. In addition, he is a guest lecturer at TU Delft and at various Academies of Architecture and regularly lectures in the Netherlands.

Mechthild Stuhlmacher

Mechthild Stuhlmacher was born in Germany, studied music and architecture in Germany and the Netherlands and graduated from the TU Delft in 1992. Before setting up her own studio she worked at several renowned offices in the Netherlands and London such as Mecanoo, Zeinstra vd Pol, Maccreanor Lavington Architects and David Chipperfield Architects. She was a member of the editorial team of the OASE architecture magazine between 1995 and 2008. From 2004 to 2008 she worked as an editor on two editions of the Flanders Architecture Yearbook. Between 2010 and 2016 she was part of the committee for 'Welstand en Monumenten Rotterdam (committee for architectural quality in the city). Between 1997 and 2022, she has been a lecturer at TU Delft, first at the Interiors Buildings Cities Chair and since 2019 at the chair of Urban Architecture. Between 2016 and 2018, she taught students at St. Lucas, Ghent / KU Leuven in their final year. In 2021 she holds the chair of design and construction 'A13" at the TU Berlin as a guest professor. She regularly conducts workshops and lectures at home and abroad and works with various publishing projects.

1st prize and commission

Primary school 'De Molen Hoboken' Antwerp

Arie Kepplerprijs 2018, 1st prize

Van Eesteren Paviljoen, Amsterdam

ARC19 award, Winner category Interior

Predikheren Mechelen

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Architektur aus Flandern und den Niederlanden


Group exhibition 2016/ 2017 Dutch and Flemish architects in German Architecture Museum Frankfurt DAM

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founded: 2001

staff: 2 partners, 6-10 architecten (incl. young architects during their first 'experience-years': BEP ), 1-3 interns/freelancers

working field: public and private housing, buildings for care, education, sport and culture, transformation, restoration, renovation, urban design, art installation, timber structures

collegial collaborations: Hildundk, München; Bureau Bouwtechniek, Antwerpen; Matthieu Derckx, Amsterdam; landschap Buro Lubbers, 's Hertogenbosch, landschap en openbare ruimte; Bureau Bovenbouw, Antwerpen; Bureau aRCHITEC, Wevelgem; Maccreanor Lavington Architects, Rotterdam/ London; NoA Architecten, Brussel; Callebaut Architecten, Gent; Atelier Arne Deruyter; Palmbout Urban Landscapes Rotterdam; Sergison Bates Architects, London; AHA, Brussels; Stanny van Gysel, Antwerpen; AWG Anwerpen

current staff:

Arne Weiss, Wouter Mertens, Maurice Tjon a Tham, Darlene Tsai, Leonie Boelens, Joppe Douma, Nicky Brockhoff, Ieva Mileika, Ewout de Bleser, Lucas Antonissen, Elise Laurent, Maria Ionescu, Paulina Hipp, Veronika Arutiunian, Stanislaus Ruff, Willie Vogel, Iris Licht Pradillo, Max Koenraad, Jana Scheithauer

staff since 2001:

Marijn Mees, Martin Goldhammer, Christina Linortner, Moritz Bernoully, Jara Baarlink, Nicole Chmielinski, Lena Viterstedt, Daniela Zimmer, Manuel Irsara, Christian Kahl, Uli Gradenegger, Linda Hasselmann, Jonas Labbé, Gerrie Bekhuis, Arne Hansen, Iris Pennock, Tony Nelis, Anne Quack, Carolina Sumares, Ines Guedes, Julia Rubin, Sarah Sternkopf, Marianna Fernandes, Sjoerd de Boer, Andrej Radman, Marc Haller, Marc Encke, Henrike Kortemeyer, Teresa Aguiar, Tom Vandeputte, Helder Costa, Jola Starzak, Max Neustadt, Andreas Schmitt, Ruben Sannen, Taro Yoshikawa, Langzi Chiu, Tiago Lambuca, Sidse Hald, Philipp Schallnau, Lucia Lopez Martín, Lucia Cattalani, Daan Mol, Conca Gene Garcia, Lena Heinkele, Sereh Mandias, Max Niggl, Marius van der Meulen, Rosie Garvey, Elena Lledo, Simon Richardus, Brian Murphy, Cornelia Bräuer, Antonia Reif, Myra Nijman, Mark Jongerius, Jille Koop, Jeanne Autran-Edorh, Karin Houwen, Ainhoa Barrón Redondo, Kristina Grigorjeva, Brendan Spierin, Mark McCormack, Hannah Spasov, Xiangyu Li, Brona Priehodova, Karolina Wrzosowska, Astrid Nieuwborg, Shuyan Lin, Keimpke Zigterman, Titus Lammertse, Nicole Wilke, Christiaan Dorlas, Samuel Us, Bianca Soccetti, Sjoerd Bosch, Ilana Ginton, Laura Gómez Escudero, Lena von Buren, Karel Van Zanten, Kato Klein Gunnewiek, Gaétan Plaieser, Maxim Ross, Tanguy Vanderberghe, Helen Devine, Laura Wiedenhöver, Théo Braekman, Zillah van Opdorp, Keiti Lige, Sem van den Eijnde, Joshua Stevenson-Brown, Lea Scholze, Meitar Tewel, Mia Barnard, Teun van Dillen, Rutger Brouwers, Femke Vink, Konrad Schlüter

Web Westende Bad

St. Theresiakapel in Westende Bad

After winning a competition via Winvorm.be we look forward to a fine project and an equally fine collaboration with Sabine Okkerse in Westende Bad: in the coming months we work on the design to transform the St. Theresiakapel from the 1930s (built originally to accommodate mainly tourists!) into a bright and colourful tourist information centre.

Web Campus Cadix

Campus Cadix wins ARC 22 Architecture Award

Proud and grateful to share that Campus Cadix has won the ARC22 Architecture Award. For more information see www.dearchitect.nl

Web Den Bosch

Huis 73 's Hertogenbosch

With great enthusiasm, we started a special assignment: after an extensive tender phase, we work on the design for Huis 73 in Den Bosch, a challenging combination of library and cultural education, housed in two special building blocks in a fantastic historical location in the city centre, which we were asked to adapt, alter, renovate and redecorate.

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