The Predikheren Mechelen

The baroque Predikheren monastery in Mechelen has an eventful history. It was a monastery, later a military barracks and hospital. Each of those lives has left its mark. The building had been vacant since 1975 and gradually turned into an impressive ruin. In 2010, the city of Mechelen decided to restore the monumental building and set it up as a public library. The special atmosphere and beauty of the ruinous spaces were the main source of inspiration for the design of Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architects and Callebaut Architects.

This book brings a photographic ode to the building and its transformation. Different voices take the floor: designers, archaeologists, historians, artists and users. They write and reflect on dealing with a ruin, on the legibility of history and on restoration as a contemporary design assignment.

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Composition: Mechthild Stuhlmacher, Joeri De Bruyn
Authors: Christoph Grafe, Stefan Devoldere, Vlad Ionescu, Bart Robberechts, Stef Lernous, Steven Defoor, Roel Van den Bril, Elsbeth Ronner, Dirk Somers, Mechthild Stuhlmacher
Photography: Luuk Kramer, Karin Borghouts, Stijn Bollaert
Graphic design: Hans Gremmen
Printed: Wilco Art books