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Inhabitability as criterion

What is architecture? Read 'The persistence of questioning' on!

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The Predikheren Mechelen

Transformation of a Monastery Ruin into a City Library

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Decorum and irregularity

Elsbeth Ronner's  essay on the work of Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten, based on an interview with Mechthild Stuhlmacher and Rien Korteknie; written in 2015, updated and translated in 2017


Small-scale sustainability

Mechthild Stuhlmacher on the early work of the practice, on projects such as Parasite Las Palmas, House No 19, other CLT-experiments; thoughts and background information. Article published in 2011 in book on the Eco-Edge conference held in Melbourne in 2008

Palmas Front

Domestic containers

Paul Vermeulen on the project 'De Kamers', article published in 2008 in OASE 76 on context/ specificity

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