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Detail - Architecture of Transformation in Flanders

publication of Campus Cadix and Het Predikheren 

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As Found: Experiments in Preservation

The book As Found appears as a catalogue to accompany the exhibition of the same name at DE SINGEL.

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Detail - Architecture and climate protection

publication of Campus Cadix, Antwerpen 

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Flanders Architectural Review n.15, Alliances with the Real

publication of Campus Cadix, Antwerpen

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De Architect, tabula scripta, building(s) with history

publication of Campus Cadix, Antwerpen

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Inhabitability as criterion

What is architecture? Read 'The persistence of questioning' on!

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Flanders Architectural Review n.14, When Attitudes Take Form

publication of Het Predikheren, Mechelen 

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German Construction Journal, public buildings

publication of Het Predikheren, Mechelen in the Deutsche Bauzeitschrift

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Architraaf, professional architecture magazine

publication of Het Predikheren, Mechelen

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The Predikheren Mechelen

Transformation of a Monastery Ruin into a City Library

Pub Mechelen01

Yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands 2018/2019

publication of House NJ, Almere Oosterwold

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Arie Keppler Prize 2018

publication of the Van Eesteren Pavilion, Amsterdam

Arie Keppler Prijs 01

Yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands 2018

pubblication of the Van Eesteren Pavilion, Amsterdam

Yearbook Nl18 Cover

Decorum and irregularity

Elsbeth Ronner's  essay on the work of Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten, based on an interview with Mechthild Stuhlmacher and Rien Korteknie; written in 2015, updated and translated in 2017


Designing domesticity

Mechthild Stuhlmacher's reflections on the design of living environments and care buildings, first published in Dutch in Forum 2015, updated and translated in 2017

Goeree Fireplace

Domestic containers

Paul Vermeulen on the project 'De Kamers', article published in 2008 in OASE 76 on context/ specificity

Oase 76 Cover

Small-scale sustainability

Mechthild Stuhlmacher on the early work of the practice, on projects such as Parasite Las Palmas, House No 19, other CLT-experiments; thoughts and background information. Article published in 2011 in book on the Eco-Edge conference held in Melbourne in 2008

Palmas Front

Architecture as dialogue

Mechthild Stuhlmacher, introductory essay on Hildundk Architekten, monographical publication 2G 

2 G Hildundk 42 300X389

Juryrapport Contractworld Award 2010 voor De Kamers Amersfoort

juryrapport, geschreven in het Duits door de Zwitserse architect Mathias Müller, EM2N Architekten Zürich

Kamers Front

our house in Uitdam

experiences by clients

Uitdam 20 Bedroom Attic 1

Tolerance as Strategy

Mechthild Stuhlmacher, interview with Peter Salter on the work of Sigurd Lewerentz, OASE 45/46, Essential Architecture

0000 Lewerentz Portret

Tangible Walls

Mechthild Stuhlmacher on the work of Caruso StJohn and David Chipperfield, in OASE 45/46, Essential Architecture

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The Physiognomy of a Doll's House

Mechthild Stuhlmacher on the then unbuilt Garman Ryan Gallery by Caruso StJohn Architects, in OASE 47, Cladding

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Studying, Building, Teaching

Mechthild Stuhlmacher, interview with Karl Josef Schattner in OASE 49/50, Convention

Oase Convention Schattner

Found Objects

Mechthild Stuhlmacher, on the work of the Austrian architect Rainer Köberl in OASE 49/50, Convention

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Living Behind the Third Façade

Mechthild Stuhlmacher on the house by Marie José van Hee in Gent in OASE 55, Home and Garden

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Home and Garden

Mechthild Stuhlmacher, Like Bijlsma, Christoph Grafe, editorial OASE 55, Home and Harden


Emailinterview with garden architect Simon Irvine

Mechthild Stuhlmacher in OASE 56, Domestic Nature

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Vanity and Self-Will

Mechthild Stuhlmacher on the work of Hildundk Architekten in OASE 65, Ornament

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After the party

Christoph Grafe and Mechthild Stuhlmacher, editorial OASE 67 on Dutch architecture

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Mechthild Stuhlmacher on the early wrk of her own practice in OASE 67, After the Party

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Back to school

Editorial OASE 72, Back to School, Mechthild Stuhlmacher, Johan.Lagae, Bas vd Pol, Maarten vd Driessche

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Schools with character

Mechthild Stuhlmacher, conversations about recent Dutch school architecture in OASE 72, Back to School

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Resistance in tile bond

Mechthild Stuhlmacher on the project Bluecoat Liverpool by Biq architects/ Hans van der Heijden in OASE 76, Context/Specificity

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Parasites-the city of small things

Mechthild Stuhlmacher, concept and edition of the exhibition catalogue on the Parasite exhibition

City Of Small Things

Polyèdre au bonsai

House near Lyon, French article by Ariane Wilson as published in Architectures à vivre 2009

Avivre Cover Dsc 4901

Yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands 2002

publication Parasite Las Palmas

Jaarboek 2002 Cover Dsc 4871

Yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands 2008

publication cultural house De Kamers, Amersfoort

Jaarboek 2008 Cover Dsc 4868

Yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands 2014

publication A.J.Schreuderschool Rotterdam Lombardijen, text Tom Avermaete (see selected articles)

Jaarboek 14 Cover Dsc 4863

a+t Civilities II, De Kamers Vathorst 2009

careful publication on De Kamers in ambitious Spanish magazine

At Cover Dsc 4795

Parasite Las Palmas

enkele voorbeelden van tijdschrijftenpublicaties over Parasite Las Palmas 2001- ca 2011

Grieks Cover

House No 19

examples of publication of House No 19 in international magazines and books

No19 Detail Cover Dsc 4819

Fresh Facts, exhibition catalogue NAI price/ Biennale Venice 2002

publication on the work of five young Dutch offices: MVRDV, VMZ, René van Zuuk, NL architects, Korteknie Stuhlmacher

Ff Cover Dsc 4943

Parasitäre Architekturen

German article in landscape magazine Topos

Topos Cover Dsc 4919

La Repubblica delle Donne

Italian publication on our house in Lyon

La Repubblica Delle Donne Dsc 4923

Green House, Alanna Stang, Christopher Hawthorne

Amerikaanse boekpublicatie over duurzame architectuur, Parasite Las Palmas

Green House Cover Dsc 4897