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secondary school Lakbors

In an inner courtyard behind the Lakborslei in Deurne, we are building a large new school. Because of the strange shape and the tight dimensions of the available lot, the many neighbours and urban planning regulations the ambitions of the client and reality do not seem to fit together at first sight. Nevertheless, the sheltered location offers surprising possibilities for a green and homely learning and living environment.

location: Deurne, Antwerp
competition: 1st prize
year: 2016
client: SO Antwerpen with AG Vespa
structural engineer: Util Brussel
engineer - technical installations: Ingenium Brugge
technical advisor - competition phase: Jan Piet vd Weele
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Existing situation with characteristic 'chalets' on the street and large school pavilions in the interior block. In our proposal we keep the chalets but replace the other buildings.

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New situation with renovated 'chalets' and the additional volumes of the school in the interior of the building block

The new school is a small town, literally and figuratively, with squares, gardens, various recognisable houses, basements, attics, terraces, rooms with views and intimate spaces located on a patio.

Lakbors Courtyard
Lakbors Model 2
Lakbors Boat Drawing

Each house has its own character and function and its own spatial features. The gymnasium and the study centre are housed in the largest and central house. The refectory, designed as a generous foyer, connects the houses with one another.

192 100 Sit

The educational programme in the new school focuses primarily on the well-being of people. The school plays a lot of attention to care, beauty, health and cooking. The design of the building reflects the ambitions of the school's programme.

The typical roof shapes are visible and tangible from within and define the atmosphere. Many rooms have direct access to the outside. In addition, small herb and vegetable gardens can be planted next to the kitchen. The care rooms have different views and private outdoor areas.

Lakbors Kelderpatio
192 Open Leercentrum 3 Copy
192 Open Leercentrum 4 Copy1
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192 Gym 3
192 Gym 2
192 Gym 1
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The spatial needs of the school exceed the capacity of the spacious but rather full building block. The city of Antwerp has strict zoning laws to preserve the spatial quality of the area. To accommodate the large volume of school and gymnasium on the site we had to situate the large volume of the gym and some practical classrooms in the basement. A spacious patio with balcony and wide staircase leading upwards ensures sufficient daylight and the spatial quality of the classrooms located downstairs.

Lakbors Structure Diagram
Lakbors Plan Kelder
Lakbors Plan 1St
Lakbors Plan 2Nd
Lakbors Plan 3Rd
Lakbors Plan Roof
Lakbors Section
Lakbors Open Leercentrum Color 2
Lakbors Axo

The school has been organised around a square between the existing and the new buildings. The square is the meeting place for the students. The refectory is located directly next to the square and forms the social and spatial heart of the building. It serves as a lunch and relaxation room, informal workroom and meeting place. In addition, the refectory forms a wide and informal tribune to observe the activities in the gym.

Lakbors Passage