Nesselande Exterior Site 1

spacious brick

house T in Nesselande

In the urban plan of Nesselande, a new city extension of Rotterdam, a large area has been reserved for private houses. Various canals give the new neighbourhood a generous and rather natural appearance, despite the high density and the rather limited sizes of the individual plots. In an area where most inhabitants choose their home from standard catalogues, the house for the "T family" stands out. The formal language of the design, with its simple, understated use of materials and its Cubistic shapes, refers to classical modern villas from the first half of the twentieth century. The mesh-like masonry reflects the cultural background of the clients and filters sunlight while preserving the clients’ privacy. 

location: Rotterdam Nesselande
design: 2008-2009
realisation: 2010
structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek Utrecht, Jaap Dijks
contractor: De Wit, IJsselstein
photography: Moritz Bernoully
Nesselande Drawing Situation

The house occupies the full length and width of the total building surface. In the interior one feels its generous outer dimensions, thanks to long vistas and spatial sequences.

Nesselande Exterior Entrance Detail

The masonry pattern refers abstractly to the cultural background of the Iranian clients. The broken brickwork filters the sunlight and at the same time safeguards the private character of the house.

Nesselande Exterior Site 2
Nesselande Exterior Site 3
Nesselande Exterior Head
Nesselande Exterior Site 4
Nesselande Exterior Middle Big
Nesselande Drawing Plan 0
Nesselande Drawing Plan 1
ground floor | first floor

1 living room
2 kitchen
3 dining room
4 sleeping room
5 dressing room
6 bathroom
7 bath with sauna
8 roof terrace
9 patio

On the ground floor the high living room takes a central position in the plan, flanked on either side by adjacent informal spaces with lower ceilings opening up toward the outside: on one side a living room with the fireplace next to the patio, and on the other a kitchen facing garden and terrace. The studio on the ground floor can be used as a guestroom and has access to a private bathroom. On the first floor are three bedrooms and ancillary spaces. 

Nesselande Interior Dining Room
Nesselande Interior Stair Window
Nesselande Interior Closet

The character of the house is determined by high-quality materials and artisan work.

Nesselande Interior Stair Ballustrade
Nesselande Interior Stair 1

The staircase directly connects all indoor and outdoor spaces to each other, with the opening toward the living room, the large window and the skylight as important elements.

Nesselande Exterior Facade Detail
Nesselande Exterior Site Ending
Nesselande Exterior Ballustrade Portrait

Careful attention has been paid to the patio in the very centre of the plan, which relates directly to the living room. Two balconies, an outdoor staircase and the terrace next to kitchen and living area enhance the intense relationship created between the inside and the outside. 

Nesselande Exterior Ending