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wooden family palace

house T in Heiloo

On a generous plot on the edge of Heiloo, a village in the province of Noord-Holland, a derelict house has been replaced by a newly built family home.  Here, different generations and people of different ages and needs live together under one roof. 

location: Heiloo
design: 2008-2009
realisation: 2009-2010
client: P-T family
structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek
contractor: Christian Dörschug
photography: Moritz Bernoully
Heiloo Implanting


Heiloo Street
Heiloo Back Garden Sofa
Heiloo Back Garden Table Façade
Heiloo Back Garden Table

The clients asked us to design a wooden house for them, with various possibilities for sleeping and playing and a vast, yet intimate, living area centred around a large stove. Due to legal limitations concerning the building’s height and volume we designed a compact and simple volume to which several ancillary volumes were added. On the inside, the large volume has been subdivided in a multitude of ways. There are low and high spaces, mezzanine floors, alcoves and sleeping attics.

Heiloo Side
Heiloo Plans
Heiloo Bench
Heiloo Fireplace
Heiloo Kitchen
Heiloo Livingroom
Heiloo Sofa

The building is constructed of solid timber panels placed on top of a concrete basement. Following the example of our house near Lyon, the Larch timber cladding is treated with a grey varnish, anticipating the natural weathering process. The shallow side of the asymmetric roof, facing the neighbourhood, has been covered with herbs and mosses, and its steep side has been clad with the same timber boards as the façade. Large sliding doors on the ground floor enhance the relationship between inside and outside.

Heiloo Stair
Heiloo Paintings
Heiloo Skylight
Heiloo Bedroom Mezzanine

Inside, the volume is subdivided into different high and low spaces, interiors, bed spaces, alcove-like spaces and sleepers.

 The house is designed as an organic whole that allows different uses, different objects, devices and changes. It allows space for daily life and the luxury of growing in nature.

Heiloo Bedroom
Heiloo Front