Huis 19 Door

nomads in residence

house No. 19

In the context of the arts program "Beyond Utrecht", the municipality of Utrecht invited several "artists in residence" to live and work for a certain period in the new residential district of Leidsche Rijn. Their main task was to observe this place, at the time undergoing rapid change, and to develop interventions and responses to it. Their accommodation, a mobile studio, is also part of the art programme and would see multiple changes of residents and location during the planned activities.

Our main ambition was to design a movable building that would feel as large and robust as a house. It had to be versatile, practical and comfortable throughout the year.

location: various sites in Utrecht/Leidsche Rijn
design: 2003
realisation: 2003
client: Stichting Beyond, BikvanderPol
structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek, Jaap Dijks
contractor: Jasper Kerkhhofs and Christian Dörschug with Rien Korteknie, Christian Kahl, Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol
collaboration - design development: BikvanderPol
photography: Christian Kahl
Huis 19 New Location
Huis 19 Crane

The house consists of one rather long space that can be divided into different indoor and outdoor spaces.

Walls, floors and roofs are constructed of cross-laminated solid wood panels (CLT), stabilised in two spots by steel frames. The object therefore is stable enough to be lifted and transported in one piece. Its dimensions allow the building to be transported on public roads. The wooden panels are fitted with an insulation layer on the outside and laminated wooden boards as outer skin.

Huis 19 Opening 1
Huis 19 Opening 2
Huis 19 Opening 3
Huis 19 Opening 4
Huis 19 Floorplan Section

1 bedroom
2 shower
3 toilet
4 kitchen
5 living room
6 terrace

Huis 19 Door Detail

With the opening valves it responds to its "location-free" object in its changing environment.

Huis 19 Ground View
Huis 19 Pano
Huis 19 Roof
Huis 19 Build
Huis 19 Interior Wood
Huis 19 Floor Plate

Because the building must be able to adapt to different locations, we designed it as a "black box" that can respond to its surroundings in a variety of ways. The building can be closed completely. Three skylights allow for sufficient daylight even when the shutters are closed. When the large shutters are opened, the introvert house gets a completely different character. Large parts of the facades change into terraces and stages. The wooden interior becomes part of its surroundings, and the artists present themselves and their work to the city.

Huis 19 Ladder
Huis 19 Door Opening System
Huis 19 Inside
Huis 19 Kitchen
Huis 19 Snow

Even a movable, temporary building should offer comfort and protection: the qualities of a robust house.

Huis 19 Snow 2
Huis 19 Side