Kobus Front Elev

cooking at the canal

catering pavilion Kobus

Pavilion Kobus is a temporary pavilion in the Hague. Located at the Trekvliet, the restaurant and lunchroom form a meeting place for the neighbourhood. In addition, the pavilion is used as a learning and workplace for young people from various schools as part of their education.

location: Den Haag, Laak
design: 2013
realisation: 2014
client: Raam "praktijk voor sociale architectuur"
structural Engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek
contractor: MaakHaven
photography: Luuk Kramer
Kobus Sun Chairs
Kobus Side Windows
Kobus Implanting

situation plan

Kobus Side Elev
Kobus Front Elev Detail

In te pavilion vegetables and herbs are used that are grown next to and on the pavilion. Since the building is completely demountable, all components are reusable, from the loose tile tiles to the floor to the wooden roof and facade elements.

Kobus Side Elev Windows
Kobus Window Detail
Kobus Restaurant
Kobus Bar
Kobus Canal