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housing in Almere

house construction with system in Almere

The Homeruskwartier is a new neighbourhood in Almere, set up with the aim to accommodate future clients' wishes. In 2007 an ambitious competition was organised for developers and architects to develop housing solutions for the different parts of the neighbourhood. Commissioned by housing corporation ‘De Alliantie’, our entry won the competition with the concept ‘Het rekkelijke huis’, an untranslatable Dutch expression for a house that is extendable, expandable and multifunctional. 

location: Homeruskwartier, Almere
design: prijsvraag 2007, bouwproject 2008
realisation: 2009-2012
client: De Alliantie
structural engineer: Pieters Bouwteckniek Utrecht, Jaap Dijks
urban planning: De Architecten Cie/Inbo
structural engineer and building technology: Kooij en Dekker
contractor: Bouwbedrijf Nordersluis
photography: Moritz Bernoully
Rekkelijke Front
Rekkelijke Model 5
Rekkelijke Model 4
Rekkelijke Model 2
Rekkelijke Model 3

‘Het rekkelijke huis’ is an untranslatable Dutch expression for a house that is extendable, expandable and multifunctional. 

Rekkelijke Situation Vertical
Rekkelijke Section Model 3
Rekkelijke Section Model 2

The client’s goal was to offer flexible and durable houses for a reasonable price. The competition entry was based on a manifesto-like text by Fred Feddes that describes the advantages of the spacious neutrality of many pre-war houses. He states that the idea of multifunctionality should contribute to the sustainable development of the usually merely monofunctional housing standards in conventional new housing areas.

For the competition we designed a flexible building system, a steel skeleton with "intelligent", thick floors, based on simple units that can be organized, expanded and inhabited in a multitude of different ways. Architecturally we focused on the consistency of the ensemble, consisting of simple, varied, box-like volumes in light colours and materials, gardens and green façades.

Rekkelijke Model
Rekkelijke Floorplans
Rekkelijke Hand Drawing

During the actual elaboration, the conceptual and technical ideas behind the scheme were adjusted to the limiting financial and architectural conditions of the housing market in Almere during a period of economic recession. In this process some of the original architectural and technical ideas were replaced by more conventional solutions - for example, the use of brick instead of lighter materials.

However, the main concept remains intact: the design still consists of simple elements that can be extended and adjusted to the client’s wishes. Construction started in 2009. In the meantime, a friendly, green neighbourhood was built in ‘our’ segment of the Homeruskwartier, consisting of approx 100 low-rise dwellings and one apartment block.

Rekkelijke Elevations
Rekkelijke Book Sequence
Rekkelijke Render 3
Rekkelijke Render 1
Rekkelijke Render 2

The final result is a friendly, green neighbourhood with subtle architectural variation.

Rekkelijke Garden
Rekkelijke Gardens