Het Landje Twilight Fassade

room for play

Het Landje public elementary school

The "Het Landje" primary school in the centre of Rotterdam was in dire need of additional space for quite some time. Following an extensive search for an appropriate location for an extension, the former building of the Hildernisseschool on the Schiedamse Vest, just opposite the main building of the primary school was refurbished. The existing building, with its comparatively generous dimensions, offered more space and possibilities than any new building would have.

The Hildernisseschool was built in 1968 as an extension to the older, adjacent school building, designed by municipal engineers. The architectural language of the existing building avoided all references to its function as a building for children; however, its rational structure, consisting of concrete columns, beams and floors, made it highly suitable for transformation.

After the refurbishment the outer and inner appearance of the building have been radically changed. The skin of the building was insulated and plastered, integrating an additional volume on the roof. All windows were replaced and the roof was insulated and covered with vegetation. 

location: Schiedamse Vest, Rotterdam city centre
design: 2010-2013
realisation: 2013-2014
client: Stichting BOOR, Bestuur Openbaar Onderwijs Rotterdam
structural engineer: IOB, Hellevoetsluis
advisor - technical installations: Nieman-Valk, Rijswijk
contractor: Sprangers, Delft
Het Landje Façade Angle
Het Landje Previous State

The unrelenting rational pattern of the existing façade has been covered with an informal composition of different colours and textures. This composition softens the rigid rhythm of the openings and enhances the sculptural character of the volume as a whole.

Het Landje Model Mosaic
Het Landje August Macke

Das weiße Haus - August Macke

The applied colours refer to the immediate surroundings of the school. This approach, taking vivid colours as variations of white, is derived from a watercolour by August Macke, Das weiße Haus, in which the artist depicts a white house in the sun by using intense colours. The colours illustrate the artist’s perception of the white. The new skin gives the building a contemporary, fresh appearance, in keeping with the ambition of the school to be "art-minded and colourful". 

Het Landje Fassade Model
Het Landje Structure 1
Het Landje Structure 4
Het Landje Structure 3
Het Landje Structure 2
previous state of the structure
Het Landje Street

Of the existing interior, only the columns, staircases and gym have been retained. On the upper floors, all existing partition walls and all false ceilings will be removed. The concrete structure has been revealed where possible. Decorative timber panels have been added in specific locations to improve the acoustic properties of the space.

Het Landje Façade Front Cropped
Het Landje Side Street
Het Landje Outside Trunk
Het Landje Kids Out 2
Landje Img 7856
Landje Img 7844

small school garden project in the city

Het Landje Floorplans Ground Floor
Het Landje Floorplans First Floor
Het Landje Floorplans Second Floor
Het Landje Floorplans Third Floor

1 entrance
2 multifunctional room
3 podium 
4 room
5 storage
6 boardroom
7 installations
8 pantry
9 classroom
10 gym
11 dressing room
12 showers
13 consultation

Het Landje Entrance
Het Landje Corridor 2
Het Landje Classroom
Het Landje Corridor
Het Landje Classroom 4

The new interior offers large classrooms and several informal spaces for individual tasks and for work in smaller groups. The ground floor serves as a multifunctional hall with a lowered floor connecting directly to the newly furnished outdoor space. Generous glass walls and a wide canopy enhance this connection. 

Het Landje Classroom Flamingo
Het Landje Classroom 3
Het Landje Gym
Het Landje Gym Empty

The renewed gym is warm and intimate and at the same time fresh and light. The windows can be opened!

Het Landje Gym 3
Het Landje Gym 2
Het Landje Façade Front