Egelshoek Open Window

holiday in our own country

three houses in Egelshoek

Very small houses built according to the strict building regulations of the bungalow park, located in a beautiful spot with grand views over the landscape. We enjoyed the small commissions and took them just as seriously as larger ones. Thanks to the efforts of the excellent contractor and the involvement by and the pleasant communication with the clients, the small series of three similar houses turned into a pleasant design and building process.

location: Egelshoek
design: 2010
realisation: 2011
structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek
contractor: Emaus Systeembouw
photography: Moritz Bernoully
Egelshoek Plan Huis 1

House 1

Egelshoek Front Elevation
Egelshoek Back Garden
Egelshoek Back Field

We applied similar elements for all three projects but gave each of them its own distinct character. The aim was to make them feel more spacious than they actually are. 

Egelshoek Side Elevation

façade with open corner window, House 1

Egelshoek Side Elevation Sun
Egelshoek Living Room 1
Egelshoek Kitchen

The cooperation with the inhabitants went well - we look back on many inspiring conversations. The materials, colours and objects chosen by the residents fit the scale and character of the house and reinforce the spaciousness of the small house (House 1).

Egelshoek Living Room Garden
Egelshoek Stair
Egelshoek Bedroom
Egelshoek Bedroom Window
Egelshoek Plan Huis 2

House 2

Egelshoek Back Garden 2

front elevation on the "town square" with playground, House 2

Egelshoek Back Garden Table

The residents of House 2 asked for a grass roof (something unheard of elsewhere in the park) and a large kitchen. From the kitchen counter one overlooks the whole "village square" with the playground.

Egelshoek Stair 2
Egelshoek Kitchen 2
Egelshoek Bedroom 2
Egelshoek Plan Huis 3

House 3

In House 3 there is room for two tiny bedrooms on both floors. Due to the large doors, the separable room can become part of the living space during the day.
The houses we designed differ subtly from the outside. Only insiders notice that they are members of one family: a theme with variations.

Egelshoek Front Garden