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Country house, Goeree

This country house on a beautiful site with unobstructed views over the dunes is intended for a large family with many guests. The design seeks connection to the small scale of the region, the traditional, small-scale rural architectural and the vast natural landscape. The pitch and direction of the roofs and the maximum building volume were predetermined by local municipal specifications.

To make room for the new building, an existing, small and slightly dilapidated farm from the 1950s was demolished. It consisted of a small house on the street and a large barn behind it, and despite its vast dimensions, it suited the small-scale character of the site.

The new building, in many respects, owes a great deal to its modest predecessor. The new house is also designed as an ensemble of house and barn, with two roofs, one hidden behind the other. The roadside façades are low and silent while the spacious space inside and the stunning views are revealed only upon entering the structure.

location: Goeree-Overflakkee
design: 2010-2011
realisation: 2012
structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek
technical installations: Adviesbureau van der Weele
contractor: Christian Dörschug, Aichach and Bouwbedrijf J. van Huizen, Goedereede
photography: Luuk Kramer
Goeree Implanting


Goeree Open Field
Goeree Short Elevation
Goeree Elevation

The spacious plot is surrounded by different landscape types, characteristic of the transition of the historic cultural landscape of Zeeland and the coast. To the east it overlooks fields and meadows, with the silhouette of the church tower of Goedereede in the distance; toward the sea a vast dune landscape unfolds.

Goeree Side Dog
Goeree Entrance

The architecture of the house refers to local building traditions. The applied colours, materials and shapes are common in the surroundings.

Goeree Elevation Window
Goeree Bg

ground floor

Goeree 1 V

first floor

1 living room
2 dining room
3 kitchen
4 bathroom 
5 bedroom
6 studio
7 storage
8 sauna

The house consists of a "front house" and a "back house". The "front house" is a relatively narrow building, comparable to the small rural houses in the immediate vicinity, usually built parallel to the road. The larger "back house" refers to the much larger stables or barns in the area. Due to its position on the yard, the "back house" appears visually in the background and therefore fits in well with the small scale of the surrounding buildings.

Goeree Living Room Furni
Goeree Pieces

cutting pattern for prefabricated wood elements

Goeree Dining Room
Goeree Assembly

assembly of the dining room

Goeree Kitchen View

The functional layout follows the spatial configuration: in the large volume at the back of the plot we find all private residential areas such as living room and bedrooms. The "front house" is furnished as an open kitchen and dining area. Where both houses meet there is a spacious living room with wood stove, mezzanine and wooden corner bench underneath the expressive roof structures. The space enjoys light from all sides and connects the house to the timber veranda and a large terrace.

Goeree Kitchen
Goeree Study Room
Goeree Bunk Beds Window
Goeree Bunk Beds

The bedrooms on the ground floor are sober. Sliding doors connect to the veranda and the garden. The children's bedrooms on this floor are small and compact and refer to old-fashioned train compartments. The top floor overlooks the dune landscape. A wide veranda with an oak structure of beams and shelves connects the bedrooms with the sauna and forms a charming contrast with the smooth surface of the solid wood structure inside the house. The built-in furniture with cabinets and many built-in benches reinforces the spacious character of the place.

Goeree Veranda
Goeree Detail
Goeree Shower
Goeree Garden Tree
Goeree Garden
Goeree Garden Angle

The gardens, lawns and the landscape around the house will gradually evolve into a natural whole. Eventually, house and landscape will form a unit. The configuration of the two volumes, the various semi-enclosed spaces, the choice of natural colours and materials and the patina of the pre-treated wooden facade contribute to the intended harmonious relationship between architecture and nature.

Goeree Roofs